Out now! My Cumbria Life - by Hunter Davies

For 10 years renowned Cumbrian writer Hunter Davies has written his popular monthly column for Cumbria Life.

To mark his decade with the magazine Cumbria Life is proud to publish My Cumbria Life, a collection of 100 of his columns from 2008 to 2018.

It is also an incredible milestone for Hunter as it is his 100th book!

Through the 100 columns, collected in chronological order, with two pieces written specially for the book, we build up a portrait of Cumbria and its people, from the twin perspectives of his lives in Loweswater and London (and a third perspective of growing up in Carlisle.)

We also build up a portrait of Hunter, his passions and foibles, his remarkable marriage, and eventually an understated but poignant account of loss and male grief.

Hunter says in his introduction: “My Cumbria Life – meaning writing for that wonderful magazine Cumbria Life – began in 2008. What has surprised me, reading them all again, is how much I travelled around Cumbria in the early columns, visiting places like Ulverston, Kendal, Keswick, Maryport, writing about different people, different events and memories. One advantage of getting older is that you have more to look back upon.

“I have been writing about me, what I was doing, seeing, thinking, while in Cumbria. But I have been surprised to find quite a bit of what I now tell myself, rather grandly, is recent social history – Sellafield, the Settle to Carlisle railway, the Sheep Centre in Cockermouth (now alas closed),  the Cumbrian gunman Derrick Bird who killed 12 people in 2010.

“Finding our house in Loweswater, getting to know the area and the community, is a recurring theme, but what I did not know was how and when our Loweswater life would all come to an end. People used to say to me, when they heard we lived half the year in London and half the year in Lakeland, which do you like best? I always said Lakeland. But if I had to choose just one of those places, where would it be? This was harder. Our children are settled in London. Doctors and hospitals are near our London home but miles away in Loweswater. One day, yes, we might be forced to retreat. Meanwhile, we are so lucky. It is like living twice, having a rural and an urban life.

“The last ten or so columns in this collection reflect what did happen, alas, though at first it is only hinted at between the lines. I did not know that I would be suddenly forced to re-assess my whole Cumbrian life.”

Cumbria Life editor Richard Eccles says: “When I became editor of Cumbria Life in 2017, the first mission I set myself to change the magazine was simple. ‘Get Hunter Davies’.

Ten years on Hunter has become a great friend of the magazine and our readers.

“So many readers tell me they always turn to his inside back page column first. He’s genuinely as proud to put Cumbria Life on his list of current publications as he is of The Sunday Times and the New Statesman and we are incredibly proud to have published his 100th book.”

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